Friday, December 19, 2014

Kingstone Media Presents Comic Book Versions of the Story Told in Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

Moviegoers are underwhelmed by Ridley Scott’s epic attempt at retooling C.C. DeMille’s classic “The Ten Commandments” and injecting more action into the second book of the Holy Bible. Critics share their opinions that the celebrated director of such films as “Alien,” “Blade Runner,” and “Gladiator” comes up short when trying to adapt the inspirational story from its source material for “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” If anything, the movie should inspire folks to do a little research on their own.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Lord of Illusions" Haunts Your Home

For someone who claims to be an atheist, Clive Barker sure does delve into the afterlife and spiritual realm a whole lot. From “Nightbreed” to “Hellraiser,” the author / director seems to have an obsession with what’s to come once we shuffle off this mortal coil. Scream Factory’s release of “Lord of Illusions: Collector’s Edition” reminds horror fans of his passionate and dark dwellings on the realm of the dead. This new version assembles the Director’s Cut and the theatrical one with new and old special features for its debut on Blu-ray.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Walk Like a Hobbit in Think Geek's Furry Adventure Slippers

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” is in theaters now and claims to be the last entry in Peter Jackson’s adventures to Middle-Earth. Millions of fans will be heading out to theaters to watch it over and over again. There’s one item they need to make their cosplay outfits complete as they dress up for packed screenings. The Think Geek Furry Adventure Slippers will provide the final touch to anyone attending as their favorite hobbit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DC / Vertigo Comic Book Showcase - December 17, 2014

Every week I am sent a package full of comics and graphic novels I’m not able to read from my pals at DC Comics. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to find the time for everything I’d like to take in on an entertainment level. My plan is to showcase these books once a week in an ongoing column. If there’s anything I need to say about one of the titles, I’ll gladly add my two cents worth in. DC’s been good to me over the years and I want to do my best to promote their many excellent books they publish every month.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Want Passes for a FREE Dallas Screening of "Into the Woods?"

If you're still looking for passes for the advanced screening of "Into the Woods" in Dallas, TX on Thursday, December 18th, you need not look any further! I've got 50 passes good for you and a guest. All you have to do is e-mail me at and I'll give you a code to download a pass while supplies last.

Vengeance Rears Its Ugly Head Again in "Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings"

Scream Factory follows up its release of the original horror classic with the sequel “Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings.” While not quite as satisfying as its predecessor, you can’t help but have a level of respect for screenwriters Ivan and Constantine Chachornia for trying to change things up a bit when it comes to the storyline of the film. We get the same premise, but with a little detective work and two intertwining motivations for the title creature to go on its killing spree to mix it up. The acting is a bit cheesy, but what can be expected from a movie made in the mid-1990s that obviously would feel more at home in the 1980s.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scream Factory Shows Us "Tales from the Crypt" in the "Vault of Horror"

Lovers of classic British horror will celebrate in the knowledge that Scream Factory is finally giving Amicus Productions’ “Tales from the Crypt” and “Vault of Horror” a high-definition release together in a 2-Disc double feature edition. Both movies fuse together short stories that star a gathering of top-notch genre actors reflecting on the evil deeds they’ve committed or plan to perpetrate. While not perfect films by any means, their combination of dark humor and gruesome chills make you smile as the deplorable characters onscreen get what’s coming to them.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Secret Six Join the New 52 Universe of DC Comics

DC Comics reboots the Secret Six in the New 52 Universe as a monthly series. Issue #1 is entitled “One Less Mouth to Feed.” Writer Gail Simone and Penciller Ken Lashley pair up to bring the misfits back into the public eye.